WavSupply Nick Mira Respawn Melody Pack WAV

WavSupply Nick Mira Respawn Melody Pack WAV

WavSupply Nick Mira Respawn Melody Pack WAV
Size 205 Mb

Nick Mira – Respawn Melody Pack


50 structured godlike samples produced by Nick Mira of Internet Money.

WAV Format
Complies W/ Any DAW
347 MB Uncompressed

List of the included files:

nick mira_armystory_140.wav
nick mira_atake_160.wav
nick mira_babybaby_95.wav
nick mira_baguettesonbaguettes_160.wav
nick mira_balcoknee_150.wav
nick mira_bearpaw_160.wav
nick mira_bellatrix_160.wav
nick mira_berlin_150.wav
nick mira_bran_150.wav
nick mira_breading_145.wav
nick mira_brutality_155.wav
nick mira_chobani_140.wav
nick mira_choppyseconds_150.wav
nick mira_chordguy_160.wav
nick mira_chugjug_135.wav
nick mira_chunes_85.wav
nick mira_clubhouse_150.wav
nick mira_confessions_160.wav
nick mira_contortion_160.wav
nick mira_cookingmama_160.wav
nick mira_courthouse_160.wav
nick mira_crabcake_130.wav
nick mira_creatine_140.wav
nick mira_cruiseship_130.wav
nick mira_dashtalk_150.wav
nick mira_deadoralive_160.wav
nick mira_diary_140.wav
nick mira_digitaldollars_150.wav
nick mira_dripdrip_160.wav
nick mira_duckhunt_140.wav
nick mira_eddy_155.wav
nick mira_edith_140.wav
nick mira_einstein_160.wav
nick mira_emergencylanding_140.wav
nick mira_excalibur_150.wav
nick mira_firefighters_150.wav
nick mira_foxtrot_160.wav
nick mira_freakydeaky_150.wav
nick mira_furfrommargiela_145.wav
nick mira_genies_160.wav
nick mira_gestalttheory_140.wav
nick mira_greece_180.wav
nick mira_guccigucci_160.wav
nick mira_halo3_160.wav
nick mira_hault_160.wav
nick mira_heavensgate_150 – Part_1.wav
nick mira_heavensgate_150.wav
nick mira_heavymetal_150.wav
nick mira_hidaka_155.wav
nick mira_horseshoe_160.wav
nick mira_huphup_150.wav


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