SoundsDivine Atmosphere – Xfer Records Serum Presets

Atmosphere for Xfer Records Serum

SoundsDivine Atmosphere – Xfer Records Serum Presets

This soundset features epic ambient washes, dystopian soundscapes, glitchy comb filter FX, dynamic feedback machines, thumping bass sounds, formant phaser pads and much more.

Included presets:

BA Dark Knight
BA Dirty Electro
BA Domination 1
BA Domination 2
BA FM Bass Pluck 1
BA FM Bass Pluck 2
BA Groove Rider
BA Instant Impact
BA Organic Bass
BA Psycho Drive
BA Punchy Juno 1
BA Punchy Juno 2
BA Subsonic Vox
BA Transformer 1
BA Transformer 2
BA TubeTech
BA Voxy Killer 1
BA Voxy Killer 2
FX Absolute Zero
FX Altered States
FX Ambient Works
FX Deckard’s Melody
FX Digital Storm
FX Dyson Alpha
FX Electricity
FX Europa
FX Evolution
FX Forbidden Planet
FX Ghost In The Shell
FX Industrial Mechanics
FX Mona Lisa Overdrive 1
FX Mona Lisa Overdrive 2
FX No Mans Land
FX Orblivion
FX Pitch Warper
FX Planet Pandora
FX Quantum Strange
FX Starship Troopers
FX Terminator Salvation
FX Warning Chimes
FX Warped Reality
PD After The Rain
PD Ambient Abyss
PD Arcadian Shores
PD Artificial Tranquility
PD Atmosphere
PD Blu Mar Ten
PD Chase Bliss
PD Chroma Key
PD Cosmic Light
PD Dead Of Winter 1
PD Dead Of Winter 2
PD Distortion Wave
PD Ecstasy Machine
PD Electro Vocoder
PD Elysium Noise 1
PD Elysium Noise 2
PD Feeling Serenity
PD Flowing Photons
PD Formant Phaser
PD High Pass Wash
PD Hollow Inside
PD Inception
PD Interstellar
PD Jet Phaser 1
PD Jet Phaser 2
PD Logical Progression 1
PD Logical Progression 2
PD Lunar Luminescence
PD Noise Wash 1
PD Noise Wash 2
PD Octave Oscillations
PD Perfect Harmony
PD Prophet Waves
PD Pulse Distortion
PD Pure Tranquility
PD Quantum Wave
PD Racing Stars
PD Red Planet 1
PD Red Planet 2
PD Replicant PWM
PD Rising Harmony
PD Seventh Crush 1
PD Seventh Crush 2
PD Shape Of Water
PD Space Odyssey
PD Spectral Flux
PD Spirit Winds
PD SuperSaw
PD The Void
PD Timeless
PD Ultra Phase
PD Vangelic Space
PD Vintage Polysynth
PD Vocal Formants
PD Vox Digitalis
PD White Desert
PD Winter Wonderland
RHY Auto Sequencer
RHY Echo Repeats 1
RHY Echo Repeats 2
RHY Filter Wobbles
RHY Groovy Phase
RHY Metrik Impakt
RHY Modal Impulse
RHY More Feedback Machine 1
RHY More Feedback Machine 2
RHY Rhythmic Pulse
RHY Swirling Delay
RHY Vocalized
SY 2-Bit Space
SY Additive Voices
SY Ambient Glitch 1
SY Ambient Glitch 2
SY Detuned Strings
SY Doppler Shift 1
SY Doppler Shift 2
SY DuoTone Space
SY Harmonic Division
SY Mellow Modulation
SY Monotone FM
SY Origin Pluck 1
SY Origin Pluck 2
SY Other Voices
SY Pure Oscillation 1
SY Pure Oscillation 2
SY Reflector Drive
SY Resonant Glitch
SY Shimmering Delay
SY String Reflections

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