HY2ROGEN PRESENTS Future Trap For Avenger

HY2ROGEN PRESENTS Future Trap For Avenger

Hy2rogen Future Trap For Avenger
Size 20 Mb

HY2ROGEN is honored to present a superb collection of 155 up-to-date synth presets for the rising star of virtual synthesizers VPS Avenger.

Impressed with the overall sound and capabilities of this software, we could not help but test it out with some fresh trap, dubstep and bigroom infused sounds.

In order to make things clear you can expect to find wobble and dubstep infused basslines, sub crushing 808s, those massive horns you’ve been looking for, specific vocal bits, a few real instruments (flutes, guitars, pianos), massive leads and reverb-infused pluck sounds that can turn into main hooks in an instant.

What you get is 155 total presets broken down into 18 sub bass presets, 30 bass presets, 30 lead presets, 35 pluck presets, 12 horn presets, 13 real instrument presets and 17 vocal presets.

Don’t let the audio demo fool you on what these presets can do, there is a lot more going on inside as we’ve only used 15% of the content to make it.

The sounds can be used across several genres such as Trap, Dubstep, Moombathon, Future Bass, Hip-hop, Bigroom, Electro, Progressive, etc.

Attention: This preset pack contains everything in the audio demo except the drums & effects.

The non-included sounds sounds have been taken from our Trap 2 sample pack.

Please ensure you have the latest version of Avenger.

VPS Avenger presets
155 total presets
30 bass presets
12 horns
13 real instruments
30 leads
35 plucks
18 subs
17 vocals
perfect for trap & dubstep


Demo Preview:

Author: Mediatorrentz

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